Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have products in stock?

If you can order from us then the order is in stock unless its a preorder. In that case we will inform you on when the shipment will take place.

How long is shipping?

For all pre-orders, it will be mid-November. For all available units we ship right away which typically takes 1-2 business days. Unless customs slowed it down.

Can I use more than 1 miner in one location?

You can only place one miner in one location. The goal is to create coverage by connecting with other miners. If more miners are in your proximity you will have to share the rewards with the others. You will also want to optimize for height.

How much can I expect to earn per month?

That all depends on:

1.the Price of HNT

2.Connectivity to other miners

3.Engaging in Proof of Coverage challenges

4.Distance from other Miners

5.The placement of the miner in your houseThe plan you decide to take with HeliumDeploy