Order Status Feed (NEW!)

Introducing the new way of transparently communicating all the statuses prior reciving a shipping label with a tracking numberN
This page gets updated as soon as there is a new update regarding the suppliers.
All messages are ineserted at the top of the stack as they come in.

Timestamp Supplier Message
2022-04-29T11:00-12:00MatchXNext Batch: units are marked by UPS as "On The Way". We will receive and ship ASAP.
2022-04-25T11:00-12:00PlanetWatchKaiterra units - we have a tracking number. Hitting our warehouse soon and then shipping out to end customers
2022-04-25T11:00-12:00SenseCAPEU unites have arrived in our warehouse! Being shipped to your doors right away, expect few day delivery.
2022-04-18T11:00-12:00MatchXNext Batch: we received a UPS tracking number! The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.
2022-04-18T11:00-12:00PlanetWatchWe have a short delay from our supplier. The April 18th batch will be shipped before end of April.
2022-04-11T10:30-12:00MatchXUpdated ETA from FedEx: "Monday, April 11, 2022 before 5:00 pm". Delayed, but we should be receiving them today!
2022-04-04T10:30-12:00MatchXUpdated ETA from FedEx: "Monday, April 4, 2022 before 5:00 pm". Stay tuned, we should be receiving them today!
2022-03-29T11:09-04:00SyncroB.it - EUAll the orders or the March batch have been fulfilled! However, the supplier didn't upload the tracking numbers and this is why you din't receive an email. We are trying to get a hold of them ASAP
2022-03-28T13:30-04:00MatchXWe just got a tracking number! ETA: "Wednesday, Match 30, 2022 before 5:00 pm" by FedEx. Stay tuned.
2022-03-24T10:16-04:00SenseCap - EUThe shipment is expected to arrive in our warehouse the end of April. We don't have an TN, but there is a chance it arrives sooner. SenseCap always over-delivers in terms of timings
2022-03-23T23:16-04:00MatchXThe southern Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, in which the manufacturer factory and warehouse are located, is still on hold due to the latest COVID-19 outbreak. We do not have an ETA at this time. Stay tune for the next update which will happen in the next few days.
2022-03-22T18:32-04:00SyncroB.it - EUThe tracking numbers are now being generated. If you didn't received yours, your should receive them in the next 24h, if not, please send us an email at support@heliumdeploy.io with your order ID
All the previous updates and the history are available through the previously sent emails.

If you need any aditional information please email us support@heliumdeploy.io with your order number and we will assist you immediatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have products in stock?

If you can order from us then the order is in stock unless its a preorder. In that case we will inform you on when the shipment will take place.

How long is shipping?

For all pre-orders, it will be mid-November. For all available units we ship right away which typically takes 1-2 business days. Unless customs slowed it down.

Can I use more than 1 miner in one location?

You can only place one miner in one location. The goal is to create coverage by connecting with other miners. If more miners are in your proximity you will have to share the rewards with the others. You will also want to optimize for height.

How much can I expect to earn per month?

That all depends on:

1.the Price of HNT

2.Connectivity to other miners

3.Engaging in Proof of Coverage challenges

4.Distance from other Miners

5.The placement of the miner in your house