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Our experts will guide you to ensure your location is optimal for mining placing. If you would like to talk, give us a call at 1-800-691-4590

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  • JNMtnbiker#1813

    "Ordered my miners, Bobcat 300’s, from Helium Deploy on a Friday. They arrived Thursday and first was up and running the next day. Totally legitimate. Excellent fast service. Great to work with. Have recommended them already. Why wait for factory delays? Get them up and running fast. Thank you Abel and the Helium Deploy team!"

  • Doctor Jackie#2098

    "Very good experience! Excellent service, fast shipping, very good after sell service and ongoing support for setting up and questions...highly recommend!"

  • TomTom#8090

    "The service I received at Helium Depot was excellent. I placed my purchase one evening, and 2 days later my miner was not only delivered, but up and running as they hooked me up with installation service! Having the 8dbi antenna on my roof really makes me stand out in my hexagon, even with some other miners already being there before mine. They know their business and they gained my trust. Much respect!"

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